Wednesday, September 30, 2009

America’s favorite serial killer…

… is finally back! Sunday night the Season 4 premiere, Living the Dream, aired on Showtime.  Dexter Morgan, brilliantly portrayed by Michael C. Hall, is now a family man, and in addition to his life as a blood-splatter analysis and part-time serial killer, he is now a new (very sleep deprived) dad.

The premier episode was great.  I’ve always loved the show’s clever opening credits, and the parody of them with Dexter too tired to do his usual morning routine was one of the highlights of the episode.  The episode included several subplots to fill us in on what everyone is up to.  Angel has apparently split with last season's Officer Gianni and is now sleeping with Lieutenant Laguerta, Quinn lays his sweet charms on a new reporter, and Dexter’s sister, Deb is in a relationship with Anton.  But wait, there’s more.  Agent Lundy s back!  Yup, the one that had a little love affair with Deb two seasons ago.  Seems Lundy is back in hopes of catching the most successful serial killer ever, the "Trinity Killer," played by John Lithgow.  Although we didn’t see way too much of Lithgow in the episode, well aside from his naked tush and him murdering a woman in a bathtub, he seems like he will be an awesome addition to the show and one creepy killer.

As for Dexter, he is constantly exhausted and this new baby seems to be having a negative influence on his work.  He blew a big case on the witness stand after mixing up his notes, then sets about catching the creep and doing what he does best (killing him), all the while trying to find time to pick up the baby’s medicine.  Furthermore, the episode ended with Dexter getting into a car accident!

Humor, excitement, drama, mystery, suspense.  All three seasons of Dexter have been awesome, and it looks like Season 4 is going to be another killer season.

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