Sunday, September 13, 2009

VMA Pre-Show

Hello blogworld!  I am writing this as I watch the MTV VMA Pre-Show.  I always enjoy the pre-show/red-carpet before any awards show.  Who doesn’t?  Sometimes seeing everyone arrive and judging what they wear is the best part.  So hear are my thoughts/opinions regarding the VMA red carpet.
  • What the hell was Lady Gaga wearing?  Now I know the girl has her own style and likes to dress a little “differently,” but seriously… a feathered neck-brace and hat/mask contraption?  The girl looked downright CRAZY!
  • Taylor Lautner look trés trés chic in his Calvin Klein suit.  Good job Taylor, you looked quite snazzy.
  • Taylor Swift, arriving in her horse-drawn carriage, looked quite lovely as well.  Her silver, sparkly number looked great. 
  • Even though she can be annoying at times, Kristen Cavallari looked quite pretty this evening.  I thought her dress, hair, and makeup all came together really well.  She was actually my pick as best dressed on the red carpet. 
  • Is Fefe Dobson even famous anymore?  Her career wasn’t memorable and neither was her outfit.   
  • Ummmm Jennifer Lopez?  Bad.  Just bad.  Horrible dress, horrible earrings.  Train wreck on the red carpet.  Sorry, girl. 
  • The color of Beyoncé’s dress looked incredible and I loved her hair and earrings (hair down with hoops is always a good look) but I wasn’t a fan of the top part of her dress.  Maybe it was just a little too low or a little too open?  I can’t quite put my finger on it but something wasn’t working for me.
  • Leighton Meester seems like such a sweetheart and I love her on Gossip Girl, but I was majorly disappointed in her attire this evening.  Her hair was flat, the dress did nothing for her figure, and she was just a hot mess.
Well I'm off to watch the actual show now.  Cannot wait for the New Moon trailer!!


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