Thursday, October 22, 2009

an adult nightmare.

I can't believe we only have ten more days until Halloween!  Wowza!  At least I have saved the absolute creme of the crop of horror films these final days of October.  So #10 on my list is Children of the Corn (Kiersch, 1984).  This is one of the most underrated movies that totally does not get enough recognition.  Based on a Stephen King short story, this horror film takes place in a fictional town in Nebraska where a demonic entity (referred to as "He Who Walks Behind the Rows") entices the town's children to ritualistically kill all of the adults in order to ensure a successful corn harvest.  Freaky!  I think the main reason I love this film is simply because it is about psycho kids.  Really, nothing is scarier than crazed children, especially ones named Malachai - that name should definitely raise a red warning flag.

Sure it's a bit dated and the special effects aren't great, but this spine-chilling film is sure to creep you out.

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