Tuesday, October 13, 2009

See Saw Soon.

So #19 on my list of best horror films is Saw (Wan, 2004).  There are now five Saw films and a sixth one being released this month.  Although they are all quite similar, the first one is probably the best... and definitely has the best and most surprising ending.  The film is about two strangers who mysteriously wake up to find themselves in a creepy, dilapidated basement.  In order to survive, they must play a game to discover if they are really strangers and how to escape.  Meanwhile, police investigate the criminal responsible, the "Jigsaw Killer."

Many people consider this film to be part of the "torture porn" genre that has become increasingly popular.  This is quite fitting.  There are definitely many bloody, scary, twisted parts that are so messed up and crazy you can't help but watch (and enjoy).  As Carla Meyer of the San Francisco Chronicle said, Saw is "Terrifying at some moments and insinuatingly creepy at many others."  Although the film did receive mixed reviews, no one can argue that it was a huge financial success, grossing over $55 million (and only costing a little over $1 million to make!!)  No wonder they turn these films out at a insane rate.  Hopefully number six will be the last.  We are ready for something new.



  1. One of the few movies in your countdown that i've seen...definitely scary!!! Is Signs gonna make the cut? Scariest movie ever...haha

  2. OOOH!!!! Thanks for commenting :-) No, I'm sad to say Signs probably will not be making the cut. You might be the only person who thinks that movie is scary haha. But I'm surprised you saw Saw! I think it's scarier than The Strangers and you barely got through that one.