Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday fun day...

Hello all! Anyone catch SNL last night with host, Drew Barrymore?  I saw a few of the skits and thought they were pretty funny.  The opening monologue was good, with lots of Barrymore impressions, and she was a funny host with energy throughout.  However, the writing seems to be not so great this season.  Fingers crossed it gets better.

Anyway, for my #21 favorite horror movie I chose Carrie (Palma, 1976).  This film is about Carrie White, a mousy girl with telekinetic powers who is often teased and abused but gets pushed too far on one special night...  The movie has good creepy factors (like Carrie's religious fanatic mother) and a great, explosive ending.  There are also some great lines... dirty pillows anyone?  Sissy Spacek, Betty Buckley, Amy Irving, and William Katt and deliver great performances.  Even John Travolta has a small role.  Carrie is a timeless horror film that is scary and creepy, yet at the same time rather sad.  You will probably feel compassion for the villain even more than you do for the victims.

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