Thursday, October 1, 2009

you like scary movies?

So it is October, which means it's almost Halloween.  In honor of this, I have decided to help everyone get in the mood by counting down each day with my top 31 favorite scary movies of all time.  Horror films are awesome - scary, gory, creepy, exciting, suspenseful... what could be more fun? As a self-professed horror film junkie, I am extremely excited to share my favorite picks with you!  So pull up a seat, grab a piece of paper, and write down these 31 must-see best horror films.

#31. Scream (Craven, 1996) - Wes Craven is no no doubt one of the masters of horror.  And rightfully so.  Having created so many classics he has proven himself as a master of freight.  Although not his best horror film ever, Scream is one of the best scary movies out there.  In fact, this film is often credited with revitalizing the slasher film genre with in the 90s.  The film is about a  psychopathic serial killer who is stalking a group of teens and killing them off one by one.  

Pyscho + small town teens + creepy ghost masks = success.  

And on a slightly unrelated note, I'd like to give a special shout-out to one of my favorite readers.  She is my go-to horror-film buddy, celebrity spy, best friend, and sister.  

Happy Birthday Catherine!!  

Catherine is lucky enough to share a birthday with Julie Andrews, Jimmy Carter, Stanley Holloway, Bonnie Parker (of Bonnie and Clyde), and Richard Harris.  And the year she was born (1983) was the same year many great films were released including War Games, Terms of Endearment, Scarface, Risky Business, Phar Lap, Monty Python's the Meaning of Life, Flashdance, Blue Thunder, The Big Chill, and A Christmas Story.  

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! Always nice to be acknowledged :) And I am very eager to see your list of your 31 favorite scary movies. Great way to celebrate October and Halloween.