Monday, November 9, 2009

I'm back!

Wow guys! I have not blogged in a few days... I gotta admit, I was going through a bit of blogger withdrawal, but I'm back! So... a few new things:

1) I went to the New Moon Mall Tour Sunday night... ooooohhhhh yeah.  Although the majority of the audience was indeed tween girls, there were quite a few older fans as well (including myself :-) ), and a handful of Twilight moms too.  Looks like everyone loves Twilight.  So we got there and there was a bunch of howling and cries for the "wolf pack" to come out.  I was a tad confused.  Then I heard that two members of the wolf pack were going to be arriving and then everything made sense (and I of course joined in with the group howling).  So after much anticipation we got to see Alex Meraz (who plays Paul) and Kiowa Gordon (who plays Embry).  Both were pretty cute but Meraz was definitely the hotter wolf.  So that was an enjoyable evening.
Sorry, there weren't too many pictures of them online.  And trust me, they were both more attractive in person... 

2) So other then my New Moon Mall Tour update, I wanted to see if anyone watched Taylor Swift on SNL.  Luckily I DVRed it and thought it was really good.  She was a well-prepared, funny host and her musical numbers were great.  She definitely sounds good live (which is rare).  Her opening monologue was especially fun.  In case you guys missed it, here it is.


  1. I can't wait for New Moon ! :D Cute blog!

  2. Thanks! Yay! I am always soooooo happy to meet other Twilight fans. I am seriously counting down the days haha. Midnight showing is gonna be off the hook :-)