Monday, October 5, 2009

the British know horror.

I'm sure you are eagerly awaiting my #27 favorite horror film of all time so I will get right to it... The Wicker Man (Hardy, 1973).  I actually don't know too many people who have seen this film, which is unforntunate becuase it's really good and has one of the best suprise endings ever!  This horror/thriller/mystery movie (with a few musical scenes) revolves around a police sergeant who goes to an island village in search of a missing girl.  Yet once he arrives, the locals claim the girl is not missing... she never even existed.  Things get even stranger once the sergeant discovers the rituals taking place there.  Be warned, there was an awful 2006 remake starring Nicolas Cage.  So if you head to Blockbuster in search of this film, make sure you get the British cult classic and not the crappy American version.  Just a little heads up :-)


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