Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Monday night TV and little somethin' somethin'.

Anyone catch The Rachel Zoe Project last night?  No?  Well maybe you were too busy watching Hilary Duff and Tyra Banks appear on Gossip Girl.  I tuned in to see Rachel and Brad attend fashion week in Paris, while poor Taylor had to stay in LA to tend to star fittings and watch over the show room.  Seeing all the fashion shows was amazing (!!!) and I am persoanlly a fan of the stylist so I enjoy seeing her pin-thin frame strut around and act like a little drama queen.  It's quite entertaining.  I did manage to see a bit of GG, but it was too painful to see how awful Ms. Banks' acting chops are.  Seriously?  Was it necessary for her to be on the show?  And the whole Dan and Duff thing... not working for me.

Well, aside from sharing my thoughts on last night's TV shows, I am also here to name my #26 fav horror flick.  And my vote goes to the 2005 remake of House of Wax (Collet-Sera), which follows six young friends who find themselves stranded in a ghost town where a towering wax museum looms ahead.  They soon discover that two brothers who reside there have a very unique way of making all the wax figures appear strikingly real... Even though this film has a pretty bad rating on Rotten Tomatoes, I stand by my vote.  It is bloody and creepy and never has a dull moment.


  1. I COMPLETELY stand by your vote for the House of Wax remake from 2005 to be #26 on your fav horror movie list. The part with the finger through the grate is awesomely gross and cringe-worthy. Good pick.

    I was more than a little upset to find Poltergeist so low on your list... but this choice has helped you regain some of my faith back.

  2. Well I love Poltergeist and it made it on my list... it would have been higher but "TV people" don't terrify me. They are just creepy.