Saturday, October 24, 2009

Your number one fan.

Happy Saturday! Can you believe Halloween is only seven days away?  Anyone have fun plans this weekend?  Well to get the weekend rolling let's get to my #8 favorite scary movie, Misery (Reiner, 1990).  This Academy Award winning horror-thriller, based on a Stephen King novel by the same name, stars James Caan as Paul Sheldon, a famous novelist who is "rescued" from a car crash by  Annie Wilkes (Kathy Bates), an obsessed fan.  The acting is phenomenal, especially Bates' performance as the psychopathic Annie (she actually won an Oscar for the role).

The film has a 90% rating on Rotten Tomato and critics rave about how wonderful it is.  "[E]legantly economical, artlessly artful," raves TIME Magazine critic Richard Schickel.  "[It] doesn't get much better than this."  The simplicity of the film is what makes it so bone-chillingly scary.  The director certainly creates an intense atmosphere in which we feel just as trapped as poor Paul.  The dialogue is awesome - darkly humorous but also downright scary.  And there is just the right amount of physical pain, while keeping most of the terror in the realm of the psychological.  This is one of the best Stephen King adaptations ever, and if you have not seen this you are seriously missing out!

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  1. Misery...oh yeah...great film and a truly great performance by Kathy Bates.