Friday, October 23, 2009

Thursday Thirteen.

I've decided to participate in the Thursday Thirteen (one day late.. woops!) which is a weekly meme with a different theme each week.  All different blogs participate and everyone writes a list of thirteen things about anything they want (thirteen favorite movies, thirteen things on their mind, thirteen books they want to read... you get the idea).  So this week I have decided to write my thirteen favorite shows on TV... in no particular order.  And no, I do not actually have time to watch all of these, but if I had the time, I probably would watch them all.  Enjoy!

1. Project Runway - I've watched all five seasons and am really enjoying Season 6.  There are so many talented designers and I always look forward to the competitions, seeing what they come up with, and of course seeing Tim Gunn.  The ladies are really showing their talents this year, which is nice because the men usually seem to dominate.  I'm rooting for Irina although I do have a soft spot for Logan (I can't help it... he's so cute!)

2. Dexter - This is perhaps the best show on TV.  Morgan Hall is back in Season 4 as America's favorite serial killer, but now he is also a family man!  If you are interested, I wrote a review of the premiere episode here.

3. Biggest Loser - I used to be such a reality show junkie, but I've been able to cut back a bit on the reality shows.  The Biggest Loser, however, I simply cannot give up.  I don't know what it is about watching these people lose weight but I really love it.  This season has been super emotional too... more so than usual.  So if you plan on watching, be sure to have kleenex on hand.

4. The View - Yeah, you read right.  Usually I am not home at 10 am to watch this, but when I have time I enjoy tuning in and seeing the women discuss politics, pop culture, news, etc.

5. The Rachel Zoe Project - Clothes, celebs, models, fashion.  What else could you want in a show?  Although i think they make up the drama at times (a reality show that's not 100% real?  what?!?!) I still like it.  This season has come to an end, but it looks like it'll be back next year.

6. Weeds - Mary Louise Parker is amazing as Nancy Botwin, the drug peddling mom of two three!  The rest of the cast is awesome and I always look forward to whatever outrageous predicament Nancy will get herself into.

7. Sex and the City (reruns) - Although no new episodes have aired for about five years, you can still catch reruns on The CW and TBS.  And is there really anything better than some  reruns of our favorite episodes?  No matter how many times I've seen this show, it never fails to make me smile.

8. True Blood - Vampires are hot right now so it's really no surprise that HBO jumped on the bandwagon.  This drama is rather crazy, but it's well-acted and definitely keeps you guessing... or asking what the hell is going on.  Season 1 was absolutely phenomenal and although Season 2 did feel slightly less then stellar, I am still looking forward to the next season.  I mean, I need to find out who took Bill!

9. 30 Rock - I always just wait for this one to come out on DVD and then proceed to watch an entire season in one or two days... that's just how I roll.  This show is so well written and although the entire cast is great, Alec Baldwin really steals the show.

10. The Today Show - It's a news show but it completes my mornings.  Period.

11. Mad Men - This seems to be the show everyone is talking about and if you watch it you'll know why.  Set in the 1960s, it's fascinating as a social commentary of the time.  I also love seeing Don Draper... even if he is a womanizer.

12. The Dr. Oz Show - This is only his first season but so far I have liked the episodes I've seen.  Talking about health, nutrition, and fitness this show is both entertaining and informative.  Can't go wrong with that.

13. Food Network - I realize this is not an actual show, but who doesn't love watching the Food Network every now and then.  And with so many chefs and shows, there seems to be something for almost everone.

What are your favorite shows?


  1. I love Dexter!!! And this season, with John Lithgow, is absolutely amazing!!!

    I also love Layfayette on True Blood :-)

  2. Yay, I'm always happy to meet another Dexter fan! And I agree with you about John Lithgow... is sooooo creepy! I love it haha.

    And for True Blood, Layfayette is amazing. He is one of the best parts of the show for sure. I also am really liking Eric, he's hot and I'm excited to see what's gonna happen with him and Sookie. I'd take him over Bill haha

  3. I used to hate "The View". Now, it can be quite entertaining. Although it comes on while I'm at work, I do sometimes catch clips on You Tube.

    Some of my favorite shows are: Mad Men, P.T.I., The Rachel Maddow Show, Bonanza, M*A*S*H, and The Golden Girls, and Hannah Montana (no, that is not a mistype).

  4. You have quite the mix of TV shows you like. And there ain't no shame in liking Hannah Montana haha I am definitely a Disney Channel fan. Although none of their shows will ever be as good as Lizzie McGuire and Even Stevens.