Wednesday, November 18, 2009

best. week. ever.

Yup, this truly is the best week ever.  Why?  Well for one it's my last week until fall break.  Yay!  And it is the week The Twilight Saga: New Moon finally comes out!!!  And because the movie hits theaters in just three days, the cast is showing up everywhere.

Monday night Taylor Lautner was on The Jay Leno Show.  I am definitely team Edward and would pick Robert Pattinson over Taylor any day, but I must admit that Taylor is looking good these days and he was pretty cute on the show.  His story about "Twilight moms" and older women wanting him to sign their "team Jacob panties" kinda creeped me out, but he was a good guest. 

Monday night Kristen Stewart appeared The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien, and then this morning she was on The Today Show.  A lot of people give her a hard time and thing she comes across as stuck-up or annoying but I personally really like her.  Granted, she is super awkward and kind of fidgety, but I think that is part of her charm.

And the cast will be making more appearances this week.  Tomorrow morning Robert Pattinson will be on The Today Show and then Friday Taylor will be there.  (Is anyone else surprised they saved Taylor for last?  I was thinking it'd be Rob... although I guess this movie is more about the wolf pack).

And I will be attending the midnight screening of the film on November 20th!  Anyone else excited?  Anyone else going to be seeing it on Friday?

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  1. i bought my ticket last week! i'm going friday night though instead of midnight. i'm about to watch your clips! please post rob's today show clip too if you'll have it tomorrow! :)