Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thursday Thirteen.

Hello!! It's that's time of the week again... Thursday Thirteen time.  This week I wanted to do something music related and I was jamming along listening to the radio the other day and got to thinking about how creepy and stalkerish a lot of songs really are.  I mean, don't get me wrong, I love a good obsessive I-can't-stop-starring-at-you song, but you have to admit, some are pretty creepy.  And if they were just being read, and not sung, the lyrics would creep you out.  But, like I said, there are some awesome songs that would be categorized as creepy, yet they rock.  So this week I decided to make a list of my thirteen favorite creepy stalker songs.  And here we go...

1. "Every Breath You Take" (The Police) - Ultimate stalker song hands down - and one of the best 80s tunes in general.

2. "500 Miles (I Would Walk)" (The Proclaimers) - If the lyrics don't creep you out... the band probably will - not that I dislike The Proclaimers, they rock.  But they some creepers for sure.

3. "I Will Follow" (U2) - After watching the video, I'm not even sure what to say.  The hair is hilarious and those leather pants?  Wow.  But don't let the crazy video distract you from the creepy lyrics.  When someone says "looking through the window" and "I will follow" a red-warning flag should go off.  I'm just sayin' ...

4. "Hungry Like the Wolf" (Duran Duran) - They are on the hunt down after you... oh, baby.  Sounds like some serious stalking to me.

5. "Obsession" (Animotion) - Why do people stalk?  Because they are obsessed.  An these peeps will do whatever just to sleep with you.  Creepers!

6. "Stalker" (Goldfinger) - This one doesn't even try to hide its creepy nature.  It's straight-up called "Stalker."  True dat.  But this one is about a girl stalking him... and apparently he likes it.  And wants to marry her?  Just goes to prove that crazy girls who are off their rockers are hot.

7. "Escape" (Enrique Iglesias) - You can run, you can hide, but you can't escape the creepy lyrics of this one.  Catchy and fun, but Iglesias' sexy voice doesn't fool us.  Ummm, stalker alert anyone?

8. "Private Eyes" (Hall and Oates) - My favorite 1980s pair sings a great song about a woman simply not being able to escape their peering eyes.  Peer away boys, peer away...  John Oates even rocked the stalker 'stache.  Claissic!

9. "One Way or Another" (Blondie) - Guys aren't the only stalkers... ladies can get their creep on as well.  And no one sounded like a better female stalker than Deborah Harry.

10. "Somebody's Watching Me" (Rockwell) - I love this song... unfortunately it was Rockwell's only major hit.  It definitely exemplifies the stalker song... to a T.

11. "Two Steps Behind" (Def Leppard) - Before Enrique sang about some lady running but not being able to hide Def Leppard sang the same creepy lyrics.  Hmmm... who came across as the bigger stalker?

12. "Infatuation" (Rod Stewart) - Romantic?  Perhaps.  He is singing about love I guess.  But the whole "not being able to sleep" and obsessive quality of the lyrics is certainly borderline stalkerish.

13. "Invisible" (Clay Aiken) - What's a list of stalker songs wihtout the ultimate creeper song... And Claymates might have found him irresistible, but the rest of the population found him downright creepy. And what do you get when you take a creepy dude and give him creepy lyrics?  The creepiest, hair-raising song ever.

Weird how most of these are 80s songs...
guess they were all just major creepers who weren't embarrassed to let their stalker flags fly.

What are you favorite stalkerish songs?


  1. It's funny how many people used to think that "Every Breath You Take" was simply a love song. Apparently, it used to be the song of choice for many brides and grooms back in the 80s.

    In addition to #s 1, 8, and 9 on your list, here are some of my other stalker faves:

    I'm Gonna Knock On Your Door by Eddie Hodges:

    I Will Follow Him by Little Peggy March:

    You Can't Change That by Raydio:

  2. Yep. Great but creepy songs. As long as they aren't directed at me, I'm happy.

  3. Loved you list!
    Have a great Thursday!

  4. It's one thing to call a song creepy, and another to call a person creepy. That's hurtful. I'm not a "clayhead", but I did meet Clay Aiken once and he is a super nice guy. I understand he is also a tireless humanitarian. Those qualities do not make a person creepy in my book. Just the opposite.

  5. Malcolm - Those are all good picks. I love "You Can't Change That..." very fun song.

    Alice Audrey - Haha yes I agree. I don't want them directed at me either... except it is kind of romantic/hot in a way haha. But I guess I'd rather just sing along :-)

    I am Harriet - Thanks! I'm headed to look at your list this very moment!

    Anonymous - I'm sorry if I offended you or anyone else with my statements about Clay Aiken. I was actually a HUGEEEE American Idol fan seasons 1 and 2 (rooted for Justin Gaurini and then Clay Aiken) so I really didn't mean anything by it. He has a great voice but the faces he makes are "interesting." Maybe calling him "creepy" wasn't the best choice on my part.

  6. Excellent post!! My two favorite stalker songs? Silver Springs by Fleetwood Mac (The lyrics "you'll never get away from the sound of the woman that loves you" are amazing!) and #1 Crush by Garbage.

  7. Ur best 'Thursday Thirteen' list so far. I loved it! Keep up w/ the good work!

  8. Haha, what a great post! So true as well, half of these songs I ignore the lyrics too, purely because they're musical wonderful and even cheerful! I can't tell you how shocked and let down I felt down when someone pointed out to me that "Every Breath You Take" was NOT a sweet song on loyalty and love but in fact a creeper's anthem. Oh dear.

  9. Love this post...There can be such a fine line between love and obsession!