Friday, October 23, 2009


You guys are in for a treat today!  Let's welcome our first guest blogger: Miss Catherine (aka Cat Face).  Catherine reigns from the beautiful state of Colorado (D-town!!) but currently resides in LaLa Land... lucky duck.  She has written up a fab review so here it is...

Trick 'r Treat: If You Dare...
by Miss Catherine

Halloween is only a little over a week away.  Yay!  And, I don’t know about the rest of you, but one of my favorite ways to get in the freaky festive spirit is to watch a few scary movies… especially those about this spooky holiday.  So, last weekend I decided to pick up a new release that is most definitely destined to become a Halloween classic:  Trick ‘r Treat (Dougherty, 2008).

This frightening film is seriously fun.  It tells four different, yet intertwined, Halloween-themed stories.  There is the school principal who also happens to be a serial killer.  Then there is the group of kids who are supposedly collecting pumpkins for a UNICEF scavenger hunt but are actually up to no good.  We also meet seemingly sweet and virginal Laurie (played by True Blood’s Anna Paquin) who is looking for Mr. Right, although her friends just want her to join the party.  And, lastly, we see the grumpy old man who is tormented by Sam, a little trick or treat demon who is spreading the Halloween “spirit” throughout the town.

The acting is good.  The stories are creepy and creative.  There is enough blood, gore, and scares to satisfy a horror fan, such as myself.  And, the way that all of the tales tie together, makes for an awesomely interesting movie experience.  I watch a lot of scary movies (probably way more than I should admit to), and I whole-heartedly believe this movie is a must see for all horror movie fans… and for anyone who just likes a good Halloween movie.

Wow, I definitely want to see this now!  Thanks Catherine!
If anyone else would like to share a horror review or Halloween-themed article, send it on in! 


  1. Awesome movie, and great review.

  2. The review is really good! I'm proud of my readers :-D I really really need to see this. I'm thinking about renting it and watching it Halloween weekend.