Sunday, October 18, 2009

sometimes dead is better.

Good morning blogworld!  How many of you were super cool and watched SNL last night?  I know my Saturday night was pretty awesome - dinner, HW, and a little SNL action.  Gerard Butler hosted and was pretty good.  I definitely enjoyed some of the skits, especially the ones showcasing his singing ability.  There was even a mention of Balloon Boy (shout out to Colorado news!)

Well, now for my #14 favorite horror movie.  This one is very special to me because it absolutely terrified me as a child.  Yup, I was introduced to horror at a young age.  I chose Pet Sematary (Lambert, 1989).  This film, based on a Stephen King novel, is about a special Indian burial ground where people buried there can come back to life.  However, once they don't necessarily come back the same way.

This movie is legit creepy and has one of the scariest children in it ever.  There are some unsettling scenes and some shocking, make-you-jump parts that are excellent.  The story-line is also quite good and surprisingly thought-provoking, examining the mysterious nature of death and the process of grieving.  Plus, there are ghosts, zombie cats, and a murderous little toddler... fun fun fun.

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